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Doney Remodel

Generational Animas Valley Property

Doney Remodel: Nice tile work in the master shower.
Doney Remodel: Barn doors were used for the closet.
Doney Remodel: The new kitchen looks great.
Doney Remodel: Framing lumber arrives. The transformation has begun
Doney Remodel: Interior is being gutted, walls are taken out

This is one of those rare Animas Valley properties that has been in the same family for generations. The existing house was actually built for the first generation to live there. Since the house was built in the early 60’s it is overdue for some attention. Our clients are getting close to retirement and are excited to move back from the Denver area so they can enjoy everything Durango has to offer. Essentially the entire interior of the house is being gutted and re-built. The floor plan is changing and of course all of the finishes are being updated at the same time. Once fully renovated the home will have a new covered front entry porch and the rear deck will have a new roof over it as well. New siding and roofing on the outside and they will pretty much have a brand new house. This location in the Animas valley together with the new home renovations we are working on will make an outstanding place to retire! We are excited for our clients and proud to be the company they chose to build it.

Snodgrass RV Garage

Rare Animas Valley Property

Snodgrass RV Garage: Backfill & slab prep almost finished.
Snodgrass RV Garage: Foundation walls are being formed.

Our mission states in part that “our goal is for our first time clients to be lifetime clients”. Well here is another example. After building their retirement home several years ago our clients have started traveling. They needed a safe place to park their RV so we are proud to be working for them again. We worked together to design and are now building a new RV garage for them. At Will Construction we are proud to have some of the best clients and honored that they choose us to build for them!

PO Box 438 Bayfield, CO 81122 Mobile: 970-749-5063 Phone: 970-884-9830 E-Mail: kurt@willconstruction.com
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